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Date Published: 2nd March 2020

Becky Hill of Solutions 42 at the Stables Business Park

From basic hygiene to fighting coronavirus: the training company on the frontline against infection

Becky Hill of Solutions 42 moved her training company to the Stables Business Park six years ago as she was attracted to the rural location and its nearness to the transport network.

“We’re education and training specialists,” she explained, “focusing on the healthcare environment which is a safety critical environment and as such there is a lot of compliance.”

Solutions 42 provides training for those who work in areas where hygiene is vital whether that’s a care home, dental surgery or hospital – and indeed where people gather. A subject that Becky aired at length in 2019 in an article in the Journal of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (HEJ) with the aim of spreading Solution 42’s enlightened views on the importance of compliance.

She said: “A lot of compliance training is about ticking boxes which I challenge as we do something very different. Healthcare is where we focus such as hospitals as well as community environments. I believe in a holistic approach, and so from the leader to the cleaner, everybody should understand what they are doing.”

Becky said that people are cleaners and healthcare workers haven’t always had an academic training and yet were on the frontline in the maintaining hygiene and yet their work is critical to how an organisation works. Solutions 42 has won a grant to develop training for cleaning staff working in healthcare which will help to develop vocational skills in an essential area of cleanliness.

“The digital training programme is called Spotless, and it challenges the traditional tick box exercise used in e-learning at the moment,” she said.

With a background as a microbiologist and sales management Becky noticed there was a gap between how people were trained in industry and what they took in due to the language and methods used. She said: “Part of my job was to talk to a wide variety of people from engineers, farmers, technicians, academics and end users from various markets making sure they all understood what was happening from each other’s point of view. Making the invisible visible and finding the solution to the problem.

“In a word I became the ‘bridge’ between the two ends; my skill was finding the ‘gap in knowledge’ and then using the right language to be understood – but one thing that became apparent each time was the unpredictability of behaviour in each new person I met. What was the right language for one person wasn’t necessarily right for the next one.”

She said that communication is always at the root of every outcome and if the result you wanted hasn’t happened you can bet the language and vision you had was not 100% understood by the end user.

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