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Date Published: 6th June 2018

Somerset mud to be dumped on the Welsh

Somerset mud to be dumped on the Welsh

Hinkley Point has been causing traffic problems in Bridgwater since the planned construction of the new C power station began but now the EDF owned project is causing issues for the Welsh.

A plan to dump 300,000 tonnes of waste mud from the site in waters just off the Welsh coast has been given the green light. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have approved the plan to dredge the mud from the sea bed beside Hinkley Point and dump it in the Bristol Channel off Cardiff Bay.

Anti nuclear campaigners say the problem is that the mud could contain nuclear waste from the first two power stations when monitoring waste was not as rigorous as is is now. They feel testing of mud samples is inadequate - something denied by the NRW who the BBC reported as saying: "We're confident the proposed activity will not harm people or the environment and the material is suitable for disposal."

Plan will be published

The NRW is the equivalent of The Environment Agency in England and is a Welsh Government agency charged with looking after the nation’s water resources. Their permitting services manager John Wheadon said: "We make sure activities like these do not harm marine environments, which are home to valuable wildlife and habitats and very important to our well-being and economy. We know this is a matter of great concern for many people, but want to reassure them that every element of the application was considered thoroughly."

The NRW said they will publish a plan as to how the mud will be disposed of and the job will be carried out by NNB GenCo, which was given a marine licence by NRW for the work in 2014. The samples were analysed by independent experts said the NRW who found the mud’s radiation content to be within acceptable limits.

Traffic congestion

Hinkley Point C’s construction is an EDF project backed by Chinese money. The infrastructure put in to take the extra traffic along the M5 and A38 has been heavily criticised as it failed to include a relief road from the M5 to the main road to Cannington west of Bridgwater. Traffic congestion has been a perennial problem as a result. Many firms have looked to move out of Bridgwater to less congested sites near to the M5 and other main arteries. The Stables Business Park near Brent Knoll is one such haven for companies looking to remain in the area but not to suffer the delays caused by the power station traffic.

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Map from the BBC.