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Date Published: 9th June 2018

When the war came to Rooksbridge

When the war came to Rooksbridge

A new road in the county town of Taunton is to be named after the man who helped found the RAF. The Northern Inner Distributor Road in the town is to be renamed Trenchard Way this month in memory of Hugh Montague Trenchard, the 1st Viscount Trenchard, the first Chief of the Air Staff who helped develop and establish the RAF when it was formed in 1918. Hugh spent his childhood in Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton but left to join the services after his father’s firm in Hammet Street in Taunton went bust. He eventually became Chief of the Air Staff while building up the fledgling service, ensuring it could play a decisive role in the Second World War and the Battle of Britain.

Rooksbridge where the Stables Business Park is located saw action during World War II. The railway line nearby (along with the then major rail junction and factory complex at Highbridge just down the road) were targeted by the German Airforce. Bombs fell on and around the line and machine gun bullet holes can still be seen on the rail bridge in Highbridge.

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